Saturday, June 1, 2013

What is canola oil and is it healthy?

Canola is a hybrid plant developed in Canada in the 1960's. Canola oil is made with Rapeseed. Rapeseed is a bright yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae, the same family as Mustard.  There are some studies that show that Rapeseed has cumulative effects causing:
tremors and shaking
Disturbed Cordination when walking
slurred speech
deterioration of memory and thinking processes
fuzzy or low audio levels
difficulty urinating/incontinence
breathing problems
Shortness of breath
nervous breakdown
numbness and tingling in extremities
heart problems/arrhythmia 
Rapeseeds are heat processed with the chemical solvent Hexane, this produces a grey lumpy substance that doesn't smell very good. This substance must then be degummed, neutralized, dried, bleached, deodorized and then additives are added. At this point it is deemed "safe for human consumption". At this point I personally feel it has been molested to the point I wouldn't even call it food. 
93% of canola oil in the United States is Genetically Engineered. That  is even a better reason why Canola oil won't be found in my house ever again.  
You can do searches and find sources that say Canola oil is healthy and sources that say is is poison. You can decide for yourself what is safe for your family to eat. I am going to stick with the rule.....If my Grandma couldn't get it, I don't want it in my cupboards.