Monday, September 2, 2013

My Bill Binder ( how I stay on top of our finances)

I have a few binders that I use regularly. My Family Binder, My Kitchen Binder, My Farm and Garden Binder and my Bill Binder. I will make posts about all of these binders and how I make/use them in later posts. I want to start with my Bill Binder first.
My Bill Binder has been so helpful in creating and sticking to a budget. It is where my bills go as soon as they come in the mail and it's where I go on pay day when I am paying my bills. I know what is due and to who. I can make little notes like school picture money due and the date or So and So needs $ for the football game on this date. All my expenses are written in there.
My go to place for organizational printables has always been Donna Young. When I was homeschooling she was invaluable. I still use her site.

Now lets build our Bill Binder.
First you will need a three ring binder. Any three ring binder will work. Some people like to cutsey theirs up, some like to keep it simple. It's up to you. I use the these clear view binders. Then I can make a cover for them and slide it into the clear pocket on the front. It makes me feel crafty.

Next I add 2 folders with pockets. One is for paid bills and one is for bills that need to be paid.

 I also like to add a pencil pocket. I always write in my Bill Binder in pencil because I sometimes have to change when I will pay a bill or amounts. I also like to keep a highlighter in there, when a bill clears my bank I highlight it. This makes it easier to balance my account.
And finally I print out one page for each month of the year. (12 pages total) Just click the link below.
I hole punch it and it goes into the binder as well. 
Now when I receive a bill it goes into the To Be Paid folder and I write it on the page for the month that it is due. 
Here is a sample of a page in my binder. 
Remember these are Donna Young's Printables.......Not mine. I have been using them for years and they are EXTREMELY helpful.