Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Setting up our schedule

With a week to go before the first day of school it is time to set up our schedules. When the kids are assigned a teacher they are also given a schedule of lessons to be done during the week. You can choose to follow that schedule or you can change it to better suit your needs as long as they are completing their lessons for the week by the end of the week and logging the attendance hours that are required.
With three kids doing online school and my schedule what it is, I wanted to keep it as simple and straight forward as possible. I decided we would have block schedules. This means that we concentrate on one subject a day. Mondays we will do all our weekly lessons for language arts, Tuesday we will do all of our math for the week, Wednesday is is Science, Thursday is Social Studies, and Friday is art and Physical Education. I purposely chose Friday as the day we would do the easier/funner lessons so that if for any reason the kids fell behind during the week on anything they would have Friday to catch up and they wouldn't feel overwhelmed.  I thought this would be easier for several reasons, mainly they will not have to be shuffling between workbooks and supplies. I can arrange the books on the shelf by the day of the week they will use them and also set out all the supplies they will need for that subject every morning.. There should be no confusion about what everyone should be doing.
 I might have to make adjustments to this schedule as my work schedule changes or if I see that the kids are not responding well to it.

I also wanted to make sure they could practice the concepts and then take the weekly quiz while all the information was fresh in their minds.