Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slow Cooker Beans and Ham Hocks

Now that I am a working Mom, I am trying to find ways to feed my family healthy meals that have that homemade feel and taste that they are used too. One way I am finding to do this is the slow cooker. I made Beans and Ham Hocks and it came out so delicious and was so simple to make that I had to share.


1 lb. pinto beans
1 large onion cut into chunks
2 or 3 ham hocks (optional)
2 cloves garlic
5 cups water or until just below the rim of your crock pot
Salt to taste before eating


Rinse beans and put them in your slow cooker. Add the ham hocks, onion, garlic, and water.  Set you slow cooker on high and set aside for 6 to 8 hours. Salt to taste when they are done.  Serve with corn bread or tortillas. You can top these with shredded lettuce or cabbage, diced tomatoes, cheese, sour cream. Makes a yummy comfort food.